Wireless validating identity firewalled

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I am not sure what to do next as there seems to be something in the computer that is not set up correctly. Then it asks for my Network authetication and the options are Open, shared, or WPA. I went ahead and used no encryption for my router and then the D Link USB adapter was able to connect.

Then it asks for encryption Key and the options are WEP or disabled. I have never seen this before on any of my computers. I am yet to try WEP Encryption with my router to see if that works.

I have an old Dell Dimensions 8400 running Windows XP. I tried this tip that the article gave me, but it did not work.

I can't connect it to my wireless network and it says validating Identity. I have followed lots of advice on this topic from other people having this issue, but nothing seems to work. Every time I change my network authentication to WPA, it changes it to WEP once I try to connect to the wireless network.

I see my wireless network HIRSCH and in the upper right "Validating Identity". Under that it says: This network requires a network key. To disconnect from this network, click Disconnect ...

In the same "view available wireless networks" section ...

It is divided into Connection, within which - across from Status - it says "Validating Identity".

The second box is Activity and shows a diagram but over the part that should connect to the little antenna, it shows a red question mark (? On the bottom of the box there are 3 buttons: Properties, Disable, View Wireless Networks.

You might not be able to connect to the Interent ... On your working laptop right click on the wireless network icon and select view available wireless networks...click on the change advanced settings, then click on wireless networks..for HERSCH here, and the click on properties..at network authentication and network encryption..does it show here? great - well, when I right click the icon, I don't get a choice tghat says view available wireless networks. When I click on that, HIRSCH comes up as the one I'm connected to, but there is no Properties button. Under that it has: Filter Anonymous Internet Requests and Fiter IDENT(Port 113) both checked.

If you cannot remember your username on your Game Loft Live account, you will want to click " forgot username/password" on the log in screen.

Clear the box for "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network." Click OK to exit…

You'll know if it's connected to the wifi if you see connected on the wireless icon at the lower right corener of your screen. That little icon in the lower right is still trying to Validate Identity.

The message "Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network (my network's name)" appears in a bubble above that icon.

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