Who is john frusciante dating now

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JOVOVICH: L'Oreal is amazing, because the money I earn gives me the chance to, like, chill out and not be like, "I didn't get this part, so I'm going to fucking kill myself," you know - excuse my French. JOVOVICH: People go, "Oh God, she's really intense.' They don't get that that's not me. TALK: When you were 16 you got married, to Shawn Andrews. JOVOVICH: I definitely think my first marriage was done for all the wrong reasons. When I come home and I'm working on a film, and then I'm going to rehearse until two in the morning with my band, it doesn't leave much space for a husband - especially one who is not going to be there sitting, rocking out with me, smoking pot with me and my band.

Now I'm happier, and I want to go out more, go to parties, take pleasure in meeting people and talking to them. I just wanted a bank card, kind of state my independence. TALK: Tell me about your new boyfriend, John Frusciante. TALK: Do you still have a lot of druggies around you?

What does it mean to be a Chili Pepper in the year 2000?

It means that you still play party funk with more bounce to the ounce than any other rock band but have dramatically expanded your sonic palette.

The Dope on Milla by Steve Garbarino, photo by Elfie Semotan Since childhood Milla Jovovich has always done things in a rush: acting by nine, modeling by 11, married by 16, two marriages by 22. Milla Jovovich has a raspy, world-weary voice more Lili Taylor than Leon Trotsky, lupine eyes, dimpled Cupid's-bow lips, and a complexion out of a 'Got Milk? She debuted in movies at age nine and was modeling at 11.

She married her Dazed and Confused costar Shawn Andrews at 16; their marriage was annulled a year later.

– an outgoing, charismatic one named Anthony Kiedis and a short, terminally shy one called Michael Balzary but better known to you and me as Flea – became so inseparable that on days when Kiedis didn’t show up, Flea would just walk the school grounds by himself. “I didn’t want anyone to see that I was all alone.” One of the first things Kiedis told Flea – while they were getting stoned on a bus taking them to Mammoth Mountain for a ski trip – was that he was a survivor.She married filmmaker Luc Besson at 22, then separated from him and is now divorced.She has landed fashion and beauty contracts with L'Oreal, Donna Karan, and Prada and gazed out from the covers of countless style bibles.Whether I’m in jail or in a rehab or just half-dead somewhere, I always have an innate sensation that says, ‘You’re going to get out of this mess.’ That can be a good thing or a bad thing; it gives you carte blanche to explore areas you have no business going into.” The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Career in Photos The Red Hot Chili Peppers have survived across seventeen years and seven albums, enduring personnel turnovers and crises that would have ended three lesser bands.Their latest record, is not only a triple-platinum hit, it’s their finest sustained work ever.

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