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Of course, he could have fallen in love with Eric, too. He was the original hustler in the stage version of Six Degress of Separation years ago. Actor/Producer James Du Mont is one of the busiest performers in & out Hollywood, working in both feature films and television. Parnell Thomas in the autobiographical feature, Trumbo opposite Bryan Cranston, directed by Jay Roach & WB Nowlin in the Hank Williams bio-pic I Saw The Light opposite Tom Hiddleston as well as recurring for a 2nd season ...

I would have had the biggest crush on one of them if I'd had to work with them that closely.[quote]Did David Eigenberg ever show his wee-wee in SATC? His replacement was Jared Leto's father in Dallas Buyers Club. One of the costume people at ATWT said they had to buy midlength boxers for Jake, otherwise his dickhead would poke out of the bottom...which is no biggie in casual life but becomes an issue when peenhead shows in a pair of khakis on national TV.

"Of course [R37] and [R38] are bigger authorities on Jake's dick size than those posters who have actually seen it! He has a very big cock, as though of us who saw it in the flesh in 3C can testify, You, on the other hand, are only judging from a poorly lit screen cap of him in swim trunks just after getting out of a pool.

"Plus they fail to account for lighting or for the natural shrinkage that occurs when someone has been swimming in cold water. You know-it-all bitch.t Anyone who thinks Jake's dong in 3C might have been a prosthetic needs to see an eye doctor, stat.

There wasn't some doctor or cop show he could have been on? He looks more like Milo and Mandy than Justin Hartley does. Or just head to Xvideo and sear Jake Silbermann So why does the video say private show?

I still remember how hurt he was when he was given the shaft at ATWT, and how easily Van Hansis dropped him. was his phone hacked or has he resorted to turning camming and escorting ???? It was in other forum that said it was posted in his facebook page.

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There's always someone like you waiting to piss all over everything.

David Burtka did, indeed, display a humongous dick in THE PLAY ABOUT THE BABY.

Anybody who says otherwise is blind or jealous or both.

Did you know that in the movie Let Me Make You A Martyr he shot scenes that were deleted because his cock was so big? The last time he was there was for the assembled parties.

He was shot drinking and spitting watter inside the car, that was the excuse so Lamen (his character) would stop the car in some abandoned planice and would take a leak. He has done nothing big lately to put it on air, unless it is to talk about atwt 8 years later.

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