Who is ian ziering dating

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Steve is at first a careless, rich and spoiled teenager – or so it seems.Beneath the posturing he struggles with the knowledge that he was adopted, his strained relationship with his critical father, Rush, and a lack of substantial relationships with his mother and friends.Once Steve meets Brandon, like Kelly, he quickly takes to the stable Walsh family and his friendship with Brandon provides him with a stability he had hitherto not known.Brandon stands by Steve through his crises and, at times, immature schemes that sometimes involve illegal activities.

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He meets new face in town Brandon Walsh at a party at senior Marianne Moore's house and they begin a friendship.He is relieved, but concerned that he hurt Laura's feelings and talks to her, apologising for his behaviour and comes to understand that the situation was more complex than that when Laura tells him she didn't say no, but not emphatically yes either.Steve comes clean to a heartbroken Celeste, who leaves him for good.He finds this out the following morning and goes on a hunt for the culprit, but David manages to talk his way out of repercussions.Steve starts college eager to join the fraternity his father was in, Kappa Epsilon Gamma house, both because it's what his father expects, but also because he feels it's the only way to truly feel like he is a part of the school.

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