Who is benny medina dating

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She has a way of turning rebounds into long-term relationships.But Jennifer Lopez’s legendary manager Benny Medina talks to Vogue about how he wishes the singer, actress and American Idol host would slow down before committing to Combs introduced them.

In 2003, Lopez fired Medina for claiming he “illegally contracted work on her behalf and misappropriated more than 0,000,” The New York Times reports.

“The moment I realized that I could not fight him off, that I was slowly losing my ability to breathe because of his arm on my neck, that moment of complete and utter powerlessness, that’s what I remember the most.”Speaking of the alleged incident, Dottley said Medina’s change in demeanor was like “Jekyll and Hyde,” and that he was scared of telling anyone of the incident, including his then-husband and playwright, Del Shore, whom Dottley claims the music exec threatened.“You don’t try to rape someone, then threaten to kill their husband via text message if you aren’t incredibly fearless of what you’re doing,” Dottley says.

“This could not have been his first time.”Anthony Rapp came forward with his account of alleged sexual assault." data-reactid="32"The actor told PEOPLE he found “strength in numbers” after Anthony Rapp came forward with his account of alleged sexual assault.

However, they resolved their issues and continued to work together. Smith and the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative mainly focuses on the state of Latinx representation in the past decade of Latinos working on screen and behind the camera as directors, producers, and casting directors, it also focuses on how underrepresentation and stereotyping “are the hallmarks of Latino portrayers in popular movies.” (Photo Credit: NALIP/USC Annenberg/Wise Entertainment)The study found that in the 12 year research period, 4.5% of all speaking or named characters were Latino, but only 3% were leads or co-leads. Out of 1,335 directors, only one of those was a Latina woman. Thank you @Inclusionists & @NALIP_org for this study discussing the lack & erasure of the Latinx experience.

You would think since Latinos have one of the highest moviegoing rates in the United States, we’d see more of our lives and communities reflected on Hollywood’s big screen. According to a report released last year by the Motion Picture Association of America, Hispanic-Latino filmgoers went to the movies an average of 4.5 times in 2017. The report looked at the 1,200 top titles at the box office from 2007 to 2018 as well as about 47,268 Spanish speaking or named characters. More findings included that in the films that were studied, 4% had a Latino director and most of those filmmakers (71% to be exact) were from outside of the U. We call upon Hollywood to increase inclusion of the Latinx community by demanding a 20% increase in representation both in front of and behind the camera.

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