White american women dating nigerian men

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They believe it is a mans world and so they have the tendency to relegate women to subservient roles. True globalization and modernity and westernization are impacting the Nigerian culture.In cities across Nigeria, these changes are noticeable; but over all, the effects of these changes are minimal.What is it about a White woman that makes the Nigerian male lose his senses?Could it be because of their skin color and their supposed sensuality and submissive attitude in bed?

These men meet and exceed all matrimonial expectations; but would rubbish and dominate their Nigerian women.And way more than their foreign counterparts they understand what it means to be a wife and a partner; they understand what it means to be part of the extended family.When it comes to matters of life, love and death, Nigerian women have stood by their husbands.Why are Nigerian men afraid to turn control over to their Nigerian wives?Why are they averse to showing their sensitive side? Why are Nigerian men reluctant to take their wives on a romantic walk to the parks and beaches, buy roses and cards? Why have they refused to do for their Nigerian wives what they would heartily do for non-Nigerian women?

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