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He was already happily married with kids when he had even met Aaliyah.

People made up this rumor after they did the "Back In One Piece" music video but they never were romantically involved with each other.

"I'm tired of stressing, Liyah." He said, I was kinda confused, what he got to be stressed about. We'd talked a lot, next thing I knew it was dark outside. "Yeah, that's the only way you crashing." I crossed my arms, he knew I was playing with him, but I would be nice if I was catered to, and my chef was gone for the week. I pushed loose hairs out of my face and got some linen that he could sleep on. He snatched me by my waist onto the couch with him.

He's one of the best rappers in the industry, makin ALOT of money, and doing alot of movies. "Well, maybe you need to relax for a while." I ran my fingers across his cheek. Me and Pac could share some conversations that lasted a long time, even though it wasn't important. " I grabbed his wrist, and looked at his gold platinum rolex. "Liyah..." He called out, I sighed, already knowing what he was gon ask me, "Can I crash here, for today." I looked down at him, his head was now resting in my lap. " I'd asked him, he'd rose his eyebrows in a way that made me laugh. When I came back in, with the covers and stuff, he was softly snoring on the couch. "Ugh, let me go." I said, as I struggled to get loose from his grip. With his arm still around my waist, he reached and grabbed the cover with his free arm, and threw it over me. "Stop playing." He looked at me before cracking a smile.

DMX had already been a married man for some years, way before the early 2000s even rolled around.

They also starred in the Romeo Must Die movie together, and they hung out on occasion, whenever…

I believe they were married way before the early 2000s.

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DMX was already married to a woman [who appeared on an episode of Gotti's way as Irv Gotti's wife's friend] and he has been married to her for years.DMX and Aaliyah became friends, the only reason people made the assumption they…You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences. A white man passed by our table and looked at Pac in disgust."My auntie, Assata, is on the run." He rubbed his bald head, and looked at the floor. I propped my feet up "Mmm." Was all I said, he layed down on my figure.

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