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But that doesn’t mean older relationships don’t have the pleasure of passionate sex.

[Read: Sexy tips to be great in bed all the time] As a matter of fact, older relationships can actually have much better, more fulfilling sex lives.

Just try something new, chances are, you’ll enjoy it a lot more than you can ever imagine.

Bringing kink into love Getting kinky in bed can mean different things for different people.

[Read: 7 sexiest types of sex] #29 Bondage can be scary, but a few scarves, ropes and clean bondage can turn out to be sexier than you think. #35 Have resistance sex and pretend like you’re being groped and molested.

#36 Have sex in water, be it a pool or in the ocean. #38 Play naughty truth and dare and strip poker with friends.

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Sex is always exciting and frisky at the start of a new relationship.

What can seem explosive to one couple could seem tame and boring to others. #6 Role play with each other by dressing in character or as other people in your daily lives.

So we decided to come up with the top 50 kinky ideas for all lovers, be it the new ones or the seasoned professionals of lovemaking. Well, we’re sure there are a lot of tips here that you still haven’t tried, you horny bunny! But just a word of caution, while we do suggest you try these kinky ideas with your partner, we’ll still have to be a buzzkill and tell you to know the laws of your state before indulging in a few of these rather kinky ideas. We’ve all heard that phrase, never do anything that you can’t explain to the paramedics or the cops, haven’t we? [Read: Role play guide for first timers] #7 Fantasize about different scenarios and sexual situations.

#21 Grope or make out in transportation, be it on a flight, a train or an overnight bus. [Read: The art of tantric sexuality] #23 Role reversal.

#24 Spanking and nibbling, and a furry cuff can be a great turn on for controlling sex.

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