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It’s most likely that the small fintech companies will be subsumed into the bigger maw, but one can’t underestimate the long-term impact of their ideas.Blockchain technology—which allows for secure, instantaneous record-keeping of loans or securities—is expected to wipe away office towers full of paper-pushing (and middle-class) back-office employees. (Bank of America had more revenue in 2010 than 2015.) Costs and regulation have risen, which means the only way to improve profits is to cut still more costs. Having survived the financial crisis—with nearly 0 billion of taxpayer support—banks are today confused about their purpose. Revenue at the country’s three largest isn’t growing. To the side, a crop of regulation-averse small companies is trying to pick off bank functions and customers. Citigroup, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, UBS and Morgan Stanley are all in retreat.Realizing this change and relaying that observation has been a big surprise, as I am not politically aligned with the WSJ, and did not think such a change would occur.

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You will often see stories reported in the WSJ and then later, other news outlets “pick up” the same story. It’s also true the WSJ is a “paper within a paper” (meaning News v.It is this experience of loss that perhaps impedes inevitable change.There is a great creative surge coming, but it won’t truly happen until those who lived the crisis are gone. In 2016 a big bank also doubles as an enterprise software company and a mobile-apps developer. With it, users automatically put pocket change into an exchange-traded fund each day. Take just one of these—a smartphone app called Acorns that is changing how young people save money.

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