Validating password using javascript dina dating

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When the form is submitted - either by hitting Enter or clicking on the Submit button - the to abort (cancel) the form submission. In a real-life situation you will most likely have more fields to check, and more complicated conditions, but the principle remains the same.

All you need to do is extend the command, in which case the form will be submitted.

Finally we need a way to track input on the input field.The HTML behind this would look something like the following: Moving beyond the basic Angular JS stuff, lets get down to the good stuff.We’re going to make use of two different Reg Ex validation strings.The expression is nearly the same as the strong condition, except this time we’re including an or condition.We essentially want to label a password as having medium strength if it contains six characters or more and has at least one lowercase and one uppercase alphabetical character or has at least one lowercase and one numeric character or has at least one uppercase and one numeric character.

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