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Never turn down a second helping of funeral potatoes and have some ready answers when Aunt Margene starts giving you the third degree about religion.

Utahns have a thing about kids and extra curriculars; probably because Utah moms have to find a way to get their little darlings out of the house for a few hours every week.

If you're worried that they're watching to see if you're manly enough...you're right.

If you’re dating a home-grown Utah boy, odds are good that he’s an Eagle Scout.

If you’re thinking about marriage, make sure she’s not expecting a Disney honeymoon.

If you’re from out of state (especially one of those blue states), you might be horrified to open your new boyfriend’s closet and find several hunting rifles, army-style boots and a camo vest that holds 2,500 rounds of ammo.

If he paid attention at Scout camp, he knows how to tie 863 different knots and can start a campfire using nothing more than a gum wrapper and a battery.

In what ways are Utahns different than others when it comes to dating? So, ask your boyfriend (and his numerous family members) what instrument he plays.He may have only taken tuba lessons for two years, but the family will have great fun recounting the horrors for you.Be prepared for a lot of noise at family parties (yes, you’re expected to attend these frequent functions).Expect to be roped into volleyball games, ping pong tournaments and other family contests.

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