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Maybe the security team has been asking for tighter integrity for both the hypervisor and the guest operating system so leveraging v Sphere 6.7 and its support for Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 or Virtual TPM 2.0 is now a requirement.

If not security, maybe it is application flexibility where enhancements to Nvidia GRID™ v GPU technology in v Sphere 6.7 allows customers to suspend and resume those v GPU enabled VMs prior to a v Motion.

Planning should also include lab testing an upgrade to be sure you understand the process and outcomes.

The good news in regards to v Sphere 5.5 going EOL is that VMware has extended the general support for v Sphere 6.5 to a full five years from its release date, until November 15, 2021. The next key point will be to understand How to upgrade to v Sphere 6.5 /6.7 which will enable customers to reap the benefits of a SDDC software solution that is efficient and secure, and also fuels your digital transformation journey. The VMware Docs site has been updated to a much cleaner interface that includes better search capabilities across versions as well as an option to save documentation to My Library for quick access later.

Regardless of the features, it is important to be sure those needed features properly map back to the requirements of the business.

Another reason as to why we should upgrade would be due to a product’s end of support, or end of life.

During Planning customers should consider all of the products, versions, as well as business units that you may impact during or after an upgrade.

Once again review the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices for solution compatibility as well as supported Upgrade Paths.

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