Updating record in random access file validating jsp

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Compare that to reading or writing a sequential file, where to get to a specific record, you must read through all preceding records.

The record variable "mudt Emp Record" is also declared in this area (although strictly speaking, that is not an absolute requirement, as it could have been declared at the local level with the Dim statement in the cmd Try It_Click event procedure).File is a named location on disk to store related information.It is used to permanently store data in a non-volatile memory (e.g. Since, random access memory (RAM) is volatile which loses its data when computer is turned off, we use files for future use of the data.Random files are record-based files with an internal structure that supports "direct access" by record number.This means that your program can read from or write to a specific record in a random access file, say the 50th record, without reading through the previous 49 records.

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