Updating my pm and pdm programs

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i' d would drfine this as a wonderful change management approach Yeah Anuj, I was also thinking this is one of the "compare two files"... What happens with this scenario: You take the program, somebody else take the program, you update the program in Endevor, somebody else update the program in Endevor. We cant restrict to use a single program by a single developer. In that case, your compare before update will show nothing, And eventually your work will be lost... I noticed that my subject may be wrong....please excuse. Usually I use PDM option to compare the latest changes with..other stages changes only. I gone through the Endevor manual a couple of times, ut no use. Is there any utility (i REXX or DFSORT or) or any pseudo code availbe to avoid this problem? Subba what did Your stupid management expect from such a foolish approach if not troubles ? there is an endevor side product called PDM or Parallel Development Mainframe that addresses this problem. Every time I will take the program from Endevor and I made the changes to the program, but mean time some will make the changes to the same program and they update into the Endevor. As far as i know, the exception is when there is new development going on in an already production system and the need for an "emergency repair" arises.looks like there is nobody collecting the requirement and schedule the program updates cycle what if You add some lines to a cobol paragraph and some other requirement decides that the same paragraph is not needed any longer? Usually I need to compare(by using the ISPF facility) to the latest with my own program and I need to update the program with my changes. Problem is I am working in an environment like every developer will work on the same Program more than 400 . Then the repair is done and the fix is given to the developer working on the new part of the code to incorporate.

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If the issue still persists, you can move on to the next step with updating outdated or faulty drivers.

The “Who” question relates to several different types of members of the PM and PDM team. Someone who has an abundance of maintenance and plant engineering experience should write the individual tasks.

To receive the expected results from the investments made in the PM and PDM protocol, the person writing the details of what needs to be done must have a deep understanding of the many aspects of machines.

What’s more, the manner in which they are performed and the depths to which they are carried out vary considerably.

For the purpose of this guide to Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Predictive Maintenance (PDM), I will use the following definition: PM and PDM are a series of tasks and company policies that, if followed, improve and keep business profits as high as possible.

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