Updating libc

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However, notwithstanding the original motivations of the Linux libc effort, by the time glibc 2.0 was released (in 1997), it was clearly superior to Linux libc, and all major Linux distributions that had been using Linux libc soon switched back to glibc.To avoid any con‐ fusion with Linux libc versions, glibc 2.0 and later used the shared library soname 6.Other C libraries There are various other less widely used C libraries for Linux.These libraries are generally smaller than glibc, both in terms of features and memory footprint, and often intended for building small binaries, perhaps targeted at development for embedded Linux systems. What's that other error about no version information? Bonus question: What's the difference between libc and glibc? Popcorn Time tries to access files named **, but then throws erors about glibc. it depends on a lot of other packages but doesn't contain anything itself.libc should be backwards-compatible in principle, but there are always things that could go wrong in such a setup. Running "user" apps as root is always a bad idea - which is high on the list of reasons that Kali is not suitable as a general use distro - choose something else and restrict your use of Kali to the pertest tools that it was designed to run..1. But sometime in early 2015 the next version of Debian, Jessie, will be released, including libc6 version 2.19.Thanks everybody for your input, I have everything I need now.This can be locked or deleted or whatever is the convention here.

For a while, Linux libc was the standard C library in many Linux distributions.

This is the C library that is nowadays used in all major Linux dis‐ tributions.

It is also the C library whose details are documented in the relevant pages of the man-pages project (primarily in Section 3 of the manual).

Because of some history (see below), use of the term "libc" to refer to the standard C library is somewhat ambiguous on Linux.

glibc By far the most widely used C library on Linux is the GNU C Library ⟨ often referred to as glibc.

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