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Blue is still blue (just a slightly different shade! Visually, the dark and light versions of the theme remain largely the same.

Adwaita’s dark variant, showing the slight color changes between old (left) and new (right).

Note that the red of the button has been toned down a bit in the dark theme.

Most widgets have not been specifically changed in the updated version of Adwaita.

Our hope is that, due to the limited nature of the theme changes, they shouldn’t cause issues for applications.However, we don’t want to put our faith in hope alone.Therefore, the next three weeks are being designated as a testing and consultation period, and if things go well, we hope to merge the theme into the GTK 3.24.4 release.Updating Adwaita is a challenge, since most GTK applications are using the stable 3.x series, and some of them include Adwaita-compatible theming for their own custom widgets.Given the stable nature of this release series, we don’t want to cause theme compatibility issues for applications.

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