Updating contacts exchange blackberry deaf and dating

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Is it possible to get contacts to synch on the older devices at this point?Please verify if the and the MAPI32on your BES are the same as on your Exchange server.If not copy the and then MAPI32from Exchange to the BES, after you have renamed the current versions on your BES for backup.Reboot your BES Regads, Bobr If it is the solution then it should not take to long. The issue is that users with older Blackberry's,(7100 & 7200) do not get contacts synchronized with their Blackberry's.

Black Berry remains committed to providing excellent customer support to our customers.Note: If the same account has been added to the Android OS via Settings/Accounts, or another 3rd party application, you may see multiple alerts/notifications for the same message.Choose only one application that you would like to notify you for this account to stop the duplication.Notifications can be adjusted via Settings/Sound & notification, or within the application settings.Sync PIM items: These settings control whether or not the supported PIM items (Calendar, Contacts, Memos, and Tasks) will be wirelessly synchronized to the application.

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