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Includes info on filters, RAW conversion and Photoshop. Creative Lens Techniques Learn to make the most of your lenses, including focal length facts, aperture answers, selective focus skills and more. Get More From Your Digital SLR Take your photography skills to the next level with more great advice from Photoanswers – including focus points, metering modes and more.

Download ‘Get More From Your Digital SLR’ for free.

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Introduction To External Flash A great guide to using your flash to get professional results.

Download ‘The Top 5 Creative Photography Techniques’ for free.

My 5 Easy Steps To Shoot In Manual Want to shoot in Manual mode but not sure where to start?

There are also guides on how to install Android on kindle or simply removing DRM on your e Books you might have, in any case i wouldn't worry about kindle suing your ass for using it for pirated content.

Edit: Also, Calibre is your best friend in removing DRM and organizing/converting all your ebooks.

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