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However the fuel used is about 95 percent U-238, simply because that is the result of enriching natural uranium to 5 percent…The U stands for Uranium which is a radioactive metal and the 238 stands for what number of isotope. It is very similar to U-235, which is used in nuclear reactors. Depleted Uranium, 0.2% U-235 99.8% U-238: Armor piercing antitank Gatling gun bullets and tank armor plate Highly Enriched Uranium, 93.5% U-235 6.5% U-238: Fission bomb cores Reactor Produced Uranium, 238 represents the atomic mass of Uranium.This means that zircon data can tell us not only when a rock formed, but also when significant events occurred during its life.The oldest zircon yet found dates from 4.4 billion years ago.

In a rock twice as old there will be one 235U atom left for every three 207Pb atoms (Pb/U = 3), and so forth.These atoms decay, and from the amount of atoms remaining, an estimate of the…U-238 is not fissile, therefore it does not produce nuclear power in a reactor, only U-235 does that.But now imagine that some geologic event disturbs things to make the lead escape.That would take the zircons on a straight line back to zero on the concordia diagram.

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