The system the dating dictionary

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As long as her Interest Level in you is over 50%, you always have a chance of raising it to 100% by practising the three manly traits mentioned earlier: CHALLENGE, CONFIDENCE and CONTROL.

Have you ever noticed that when a woman is completely into you, she is willing to do absolutely ANYTHING to make your life easy? Well, that is exactly what happens when her Interest Level in you is over 95%.

And women do indulge in this, perhaps due to their unconscious need to test your manly traits.

One of the main reasons why so many women today misbehave and act in disgusting/disrespectful ways is because very few men have stood up to them and made it clear to them that their behaviour is unacceptable.

When you meet a woman for the first time, she has a certain degree of interest in you to begin with.

But your actions thereafter will determine whether her interest level rises up or falls down.

Doc Love’s profound knowledge and wisdom comes from having interviewed more than 10,000 women during the last 35 years, and posed to them some very fundamental questions on why they stay with one man versus another.

And his entire knowledge has been crystallised in his masterpiece work called THE SYSTEM – THE DATING DICTIONARY.

Whenever something happens between a man and a woman, the man is invariably considered to be .And very seldom are they even held accountable for it! But it behooves you to realise that it’s if you are married to a woman whose Interest Level has dropped below 40%. You must also be aware that divorce rates in western countries is close to 50%….it’s the woman that files 70% of the time!So, if you want to be shielded from such disastrous consequences, you most definitely need to be equipped with superior knowledge.But the focus of Doc Love’s system is on maximising your happiness and fulfillment in a is everything when in comes to the real estate business.Similarly, there is an important parameter that is everything when it comes to dating and relationships. Interest Level, very simply put, refers to she loves/wants/desires you.

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