Teenage wiccan dating

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Followers don't offer animal sacrifices or believe in the devil.For the most part, Wiccans don't actively recruit teens, and most practice it on their own. He said that he got so deeply into it, that he was nearly demonically possessed." Although Wicca and Satanism aren't the same, most teens don't know the difference, and this confusion can lead them into other occult practices.Several colleges, including at least one Catholic college, offer courses on witchcraft, according to a survey compiled by the Young America's Foundation.And a major computer search engine reveals thousands of Web sites dealing with Wicca and teens.But then they hear the stories about what's going on, and they go, 'Oh, wow.'" John Gibson adds that the more deeply involved someone gets in the occult, the more enticing it appears to that person."The inherent danger of 'magickal' [sic] addiction is :hat the more power you raise, the more intoxicated you get," he says.He grew interested in tarot cards, then began exploring Wicca and other pagan religions online.

Large publishers are also cashing in on the witchcraft craze. Some publishers offer titles specifically aimed at teens.I eventually gave up, and became non-religious." A trip to Salem changed his mind. On several occasions, I find this happening to me, and I often feel 'deja vu.' This contributes to my attraction towards Wicca." For others, Wicca's appeal lies in it's emphasis on personal freedom.It isn't caught up in "this is the way we've always done things," one 17-year-old Wiccan explained.The lure of neo-pagan religions, especially Wicca, is drawing many, particularly teens, into its fold.Interest in Wicca, a highly individualistic, nature-based folk religion inspired by ancient beliefs, is growing among young people, especially high-school and college-age females.

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