Taiwan women dating

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I’d have to push girls in Taiwan to get them to drink a cocktail at the bar and a glass of wine at my place.The chicks are smaller and get drunk quickly, so I guess it makes sense.However, I’m not sure many places compare to Taipei. To top it off, Taiwan girls have great English levels.I had a tough time even meeting a girl who wasn’t educated or in university. These aren’t lazy girls looking to find a foreigner to take care of them. While this isn’t the Philippines, you’ll find high-level English in Taiwan. Most girls in Taipei go above and beyond to learn near fluent English.The why is certainly up for discussion, as I didn’t put a finger on it exactly. But there is no denying that Taiwanese girls love relationships with foreign guys. While foreign guys definitely have some status here, it’s still not that easy to get laid.Taiwan just isn’t as open of a culture sexually as other Asian countries.

However, they’re not as hot as other Asian countries on average.This is part due to their love of Western culture and part due to their high intelligence levels. Girls aren’t too concerned about your cash and you can hold a real conversation.Date topics off involve culture, politics, and other interesting conversations.I saw chicks dancing, making out, and going home with guys they just met at clubs in Taipei – including a few times by yours truly 😉 While these girls love to go out and “party” quite often, they rarely get hammered.This isn’t like the West where people go out to get wasted.

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