Step 55 validating and copying link data

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NET Data Provider for Teradata, version 14 or later, on the integration runtime machine.

step 55 validating and copying link data-38

step 55 validating and copying link data-88

step 55 validating and copying link data-3

Applies when you are using Windows authentication, or referencing a password in Key Vault for basic authentication.Apply when the partition option is The Data Factory Teradata connector provides built-in data partitioning to copy data from Teradata in parallel.You can find data partitioning options on the Source table of the copy activity.During execution, Data Factory replaces with the actual column name and value ranges for each partition, and sends to Teradata.For example, if your partition column "ID" set with the lower bound as 1 and the upper bound as 80, with parallel copy set as 4, Data Factory retrieves data by 4 partitions.

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