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As can be appreciated, other types of errors may result from the corrupted header.In any event, the kernel or the component having the next block allocated to it (or even an entirely different component) will likely appear responsible for the crash, particularly if the problem caused by the errant driver in overwriting the header does not materialize until long after the errant driver has deallocated its memory block.A driver may also fail to delete pending deferred procedure calls (DPCs), worker threads, queues and other resources that will cause problems when the driver unloads.Moreover, even when still loaded, the driver should delete items when no longer needed, e.g., a timer maintained by the kernel for a driver may cause a write to a block of memory no longer allocated to the driver.An I/O verifier is also described for verifying drivers use of I/O request packets.In contemporary operating systems such as Microsoft Corporation's Windows® 2000, low-level (i.e., kernel mode) components including drivers and the operating system itself, handle critical system operations.

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Note that this can occur because of the many complex rules drivers need to follow in order to safely interact with other drivers and operating system components.For example, a driver may have a bug that does not arise unless memory is low, and then possibly only intermittently, whereby a test system will not reproduce the error because it does not reproduce the conditions.In sum, kernel components such as drivers need to be privileged, which makes even slight errors therein capable of crashing the system, yet such errors are often difficult to detect, difficult to match to the source of the problem and/or difficult to reproduce.At the same time, for performance and architectural reasons, drivers typically load in an environment where any driver memory is accessible by any other driver.Furthermore, performance requirements keep operating system overhead to a minimum.

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