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The only variable I can honestly say does occur is the temperature. I changed the antenna to North West, and couldn't believe my ears, it's working.

Is it possible that, when the temperature dips to its lowest of lows in the wee small hours, it affects my antenna's reception? Hopefully that will be the end of my having to change the antenna all around.

When I complained to Sirius, I was offered a brand new radio with all the trimmings for only net cost. Since it’s solid state, the presumption is that, unless I put it into a blender, it’ll continue to work just fine. Are they churning the system to make perfectly good receivers obsolete?

The fact that the problem occurs only between 01 AM Eastern time convinces me that it’s not my equipment, but Sirius’s equipment or Sirius’s finagling.

I have a chronic problem with Sirius signal degradation and unending “acquiring signal” display and it always occurs between 01 AM Eastern time. Are Sirius engineers tweaking the satellite when they think fewer people are listening?

Are they trying to update software that will put older, but still working receivers out of business?

Test the radio by using different combinations of parts you know are working. Click HERE to search for Sirius replacement docks, HERE for XM.

To test your radio try it in another docking station.

If you get power in your car dock or boombox (or vice versa), you’ll know the problem is the power adapter.

On some radio models, the Sportsters in particular, the "Acquiring Satellite" message is the kiss of death for the radio..

Too bad, because many of these radios (Sportsters) seemed to have lifetime subscriptions, once activated they played forever...

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