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That bluing that Patrick Leach is talking about look like a mat greyish blue coating.I suppose it was there to help prevent rusting between the blade and its cap iron?These new logos are know as the "sweetheart" logo in the tool collecting biz.This isn't in the original type study - Some of the lever caps can be found with the outline of the sweetheart logo cast into the backside.

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They now have a waist to them whereas the earlier ones are cylindrical over their length.

This is an area where the type study is very weak, in my opinion.

But it's understandable since there are so many configurations of these planes.

My experience tells me that this lever cap treatment is rather uncommon Another thing not mentioned in the type study is that on some examples the frogs have an orange over paint on them. Or, it simply may have been that the dude who discovered the vivid color for Cheetos was ahead of his time, and wanted to start cashing in. A raised ring is cast into the bed to act as a receiver for the knob.

This is to stem the splitting of the knob, about its base, which was a very common thing to occur.

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