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A robust disclosure regime brings transparency, and it is a strong tool for enhancing stakeholder management.Better corporate governance and improved internet disclosure should result in the attraction of more capital, reduction of fraud and sustaining the confidence of the investors in the capital markets.Sayogo (2006) defined Corporate Governance as a process where rules and ethical standards govern the relationships in organizations.A legal framework is developed for achieving the corporate objectives as all aspects are covered from the stages of planning, internal control, performance evaluation and disclosure of corporate information.This was achieved by delineating the theory of corporate governance, corporate governance model, mechanisms of corporate governance and the legal frameworks.The study concludes that the key setback to corporate governance in Nigerian banks is non-adherence to principles and death of the understanding of the theories and mechanisms of corporate governance.

Nigeria has been ranked as one of the largest growing economies recently in Africa.

Keywords: Corporate Governance, Bank, Agency, Stakeholder, Stewardship Theory, Mechanisms, Model Corporate Governance in Nigerian Banks: a Theoretical Review The banking system of Nigeria in the past had seen corporate failures which resulted principally due to the lack of a robust corporate governance structure.

Poor Corporate Governance is the principal factor behind the failure of the Nigerian Banking system in the past.

This research shows the corporate governance impact on the disclosure of information with the help of IFR in Nigeria.

The word ‘Corporate Governance’ generally refers to the system of governance, rules, ethical standards, mechanisms, processes in which corporation is being directed and controlled.

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