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In many cases, you will not be asked to show documentation, but it's important to have.If you are asked by airport or border officials for specific paperwork and you don't have it, you can be denied boarding or entrance into the foreign country until you produce it.While some parents are uncomfortable leaving kids on the ship while they're in port, it's the only option for single moms and dads to do more grown-up tours, such as a wine tasting or scuba diving.In the main dining room, tables for two or three are generally hard to come by if you prefer to eat just as a family.Singles parents can't trade off evening kid duty with a spouse, and you shouldn't leave your kids in a cabin alone while you live it up several decks away.

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However, ship tours can be pricy and not always a good match for young kids.Some cruise ships also have extra-fee, drop-off nurseries for babies and toddlers.If you're dreaming of dropping your kids off and finally getting some "me time," know that not all kids enjoy the club scene, preferring instead to hang out with their families.Therefore, it's always best to take the time to acquire the documentation you might need, even if no one asks, than to skip it and find yourself making frantic last-minute arrangements or having to cancel your trip once you've gotten as far as the airport. If a birth certificate or passport is required, and you do not bring the appropriate I. The biggest concern we see on Cruise Critic's message boards are from parents who need a notarized consent letter for children traveling abroad but their child's other parent is deceased, completely out of the picture and unreachable, unwilling to cooperate or an anonymous sperm donor.If the child's other parent is deceased, a copy of the birth certificate (showing both parents' name) and a copy of a death certificate should be sufficient.

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