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TTName: Keirii Noonan Gender: Female Age: 18 (WOOOOOOOP!! Nagihiko (because Ali-chan was gonna kill me if I didn't put him in the list)Top 4 Characters I despise:1. Oh, just leave her Dream-chan, she'll stop that once the shock wears off. -turns back to readers- Dream-chan is Keirii's newly born thrid chara! Kera: -pats Dream's beanie hat covered head- Just ignore her Dream-chan. Keirii: -stares at chara in front of self-New chara: Ano... Dream: -blinks and fiddles with baggy sleeves of hoodie- Ano... She should be able to deal with that type of stuff herself. June: -rolls eyes and moves cookies out of Kera's reach- She's eighteen. Kera: -nods while trying to steal one of June's cookies- once again June, you're meant to help with that. June: -points at readers accusingly- And its YOUR fault she was born!

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The Perfect Opportunity comes when Leaf, Zoey, Misty, May,and Dawn enter the Talent show, can Dawn finally get that revenge? Tamax Haru oneshot In which Rose Weasley craves adventure and excitement and Scorpius Malfoy likes to do homework and prove that he is, in fact, his father's son. Are you really really reaaaallly sure you’re not infected? 3,000 word drabble written for Ichi Ruki Love Contest. It's a great night for trick-or-treating and even Dia joins in the fun! After all, she's only one girl “So, I’ll ask you one more time. Yasuhara has a little plan to push Naru and Mai together through the wonderful medium of tea.. On the way to his new home circumstances alter, hearts change, and danger leaves their precarious future very uncertain. But between an anti starter, rivals with unfair advantages, and the deity of the sky Rayquaza, can she ever make that mask her reality? She's the ice queen of Hogwarts, he's the play boy. What happens when a bossy brunette gets on your nerves one too many times? A series of one shots on Rukia's hilarious mistakes while trying to keep up her appearance as typical human girl and Ichigo's many attempts at trying to help her adjust. Current chapter:57- one week Normalcy only exists as a mask to insanity, and Lia wears it well. So much that she compares him to rotten meat, and the affection is mutual.

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