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If they dish you or talk trash, then this guy has a lot to ponder.If this man knows you treat people with respect around you and your morals are intact, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. If a guy takes the time to figure out where you’re going to be and makes sure he accidentally on purpose bumps into you, that’s golden.Once again, you’re going to find out quick whether he’s onto you or really feels the same. Conveniently, tell him you can’t find an assignment or need help with someone and suggest just calling him about it.Even the texting works too because that’s all the lead he needs to get your number.Here are a few straight up suggestive signals he’s got the hots for you and would welcome your number. If a guy asks about any other guys in your life, this communicates loud and clear he would like to get to know you better. experts know that men are totally territorial and they want to know the girl they are with, has all eyes on him.If she “belongs” to another guy, there are very few willing to venture where few men have gone before.

This also gives you less excuses to turn him down when he just shows up and asks you to hang out. A man that makes the time to adjust to your schedule just because he wants to get to know you better, is a gem – Period.

Nobody wants to have to plow through a line of gents that have a head start to get the prize. Guys like to know a little more about the girl they have their eye on BEFORE initiating interest.

Plus, if you’re currently sleeping with other guys, that’s a ginormous deterrent. It really doesn’t make any sense to go after a girl that’s sleazy or already has a steady guy.

Or you could skip right to the point and ask him straight up if he’d like your number.

Make sure your feelers are out and you think he’s into you too, otherwise it could backfire big-time.

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