She is dating multiple guys

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First date was so-so, but to my surprise, she suggested a second date.

Been dating this girl -- let's call her Laura -- for 2 weeks, after we met about a month ago online and set up our first date back in late July.

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The second date was terrific -- romantic dinner, followed by a late night walk, and some basic intimacy at her place.

Not trying to shoot you down OP but threads like these make me lose hope in hu"MAN"ity.

Lemme answer your question by asking another one, what would YOUR opinion be if you was reading what you just typed in 3rd person?

Casually date and smash her then, build dating exp.

No sex (I'm not looking for sex necessarily this early anyway), but there's definitely a physical escalation each date, and even when her roommates walked in, she didn't flinch while we were cuddled up together.

It was as though she wanted to show off the fact that we were close.

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