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Making friends in college requires a bit more effort, which is why being involved with clubs and making study groups with people in class is so important. The people that run out of meal plan money by November, and the people that still have 0 on their account by December.

So don’t just spend all your money on your friends or buy Mc Allisters every day because your meal plan money can go faster then your think.

We are gay owned and operated, made by gay men for gay men.

Be sure to show off those new toned calves at Fall Break.

But, I will warn you the Freshman Fifteen usually doesn’t strike until Spring Semester so don’t surrender and order Boone Takeout!

Pretty soon, if you don’t already own an Eno, you will become jealous of those who do, and you’ll be begging for one for Christmas. Dorms are basically a big germ bucket, and when one person goes down with the first cold, everyone goes down.

So whether you get sick during flu season, or get Bronchitis in September, eventually you will come down with something while living in the dorm. Eating leftovers, and getting food to go is a whole lot easier if you have some ketchup or ranch already in your fridge.

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