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In 1991, the homicide rate in Medellín was reportedly 375 per 100,000 residents.This was almost triple the homicide rate in the current most dangerous city in the world, Caracas, Venezuela.Furthermore, Medellín has experienced a remarkable turnaround over the past couple of decades. And probably the most common questions I get from friends and relatives in the U. are still related to the security and safety in Medellín.I frequently hear questions like “Is Medellín safe? ”, “What is the chance I will be kidnapped when I visit?

Five of the victims died in cases of massacres or multiple homicides.

Medellín is generally safe to visit if you follow some basic safety tips, as you will reduce your risk of being a victim of crime.

However, security in Medellín is still a major concern for expats living in Medellín and also tourists visiting the city.

Most of these foreigner homicides occurred in Medellín (37), followed by Bello (3), Caldas (3), Itagüí (2), Copacabana (2), Envigado (2) and Sabaneta (1).

In Medellín, the comunas with the highest counts of foreigner homicides over the past decade were El Poblado (10), Laureles-Estadio (10) and Belén (6), which are three of the most popular neighborhoods for foreigners living in Medellín.

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