Risks of sedating dogs

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In contrast to other breeds, bulldogs and French bulldogs under general anesthesia CAN NOT maintain passive respiration thus in order to maintain airway patency they require active compensatory hyperactivity of their upper airway respiratory muscles. It wasn’t that long ago when people assumed pets didn’t feel pain as acutely as humans did.This is known as multimodal pain management, and this is where gabapentin comes in.Gabapentin is an unusual pain medication in that it is rarely used by itself.Because the drug is eliminated through the kidneys, owners should use gabapentin with caution in pets with kidney conditions.

Veterinarians have a wide variety of tools available to them to bring your pet relief.Kate Cummings, DVM, DACVAA [email protected] Aggressive and/or fearful dogs present several challenges for the small animal practitioner.These patients are difficult to fully evaluate and present a safety hazard to the clinic staff, veterinarian, and sometimes even the owner.Now, veterinarians are guided by the principle of “assuming pain.” That is, if a pet is experiencing something we know to be painful—an injury, a surgery, certain medical conditions—we should give a pet pain medication even if he or she isn’t outwardly crying or limping.Medicine is an art as much as it is a science, especially when you are treating a patient who can’t tell you in words how he is feeling, or whether a treatment is helping.

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