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[ 718] Although I really look forward to them playing these roles and they are also very suitable, I am afraid of people criticizing it for plagiarism and being a remake."We are here." Rainie announce once they are infront of the girls dorms building." I know right, we are finally here--" Gui Gui got cut off "Like I said." Rainie repeat"Could you let me finish Rain?? " Rainie ask in suprise "Yup it around the corner." Joe said pointing to the corner in the map.The TW-media has been heating up about the romance between Rainie and Prince since they were spotted out on a 9 hour date right before Lunar New Year.Next came the clincher where Rainie and Prince were snapped by an eagle-eyed fan at Honolulu airport last week arriving on a flight from Asia.Kingone and Peilin are a thing they also a senior same thing to Michelle and Ethan. "Perfect, Gui Gui you will be sitting over that spot next to Wang Zi.

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Now I know how the new transfer students felt." Gui Gui said"Come on, I'll show you guys your class." Joe said then start walking them toward Mrs. " Gui Gui ask"You mean the guy sit next to you in first and second period?? I thinks he's weird."Gui Gui said"Why do you think that?? Gui Gui told her what happens during first and second period. "Ok Rainie I'll need your pass and schedule.""Sure." she hand him her schedule and pass."Ok Miss Yang you'll be seating next to Mike." Mr. Hey isn't that Wang Zi, the guy Gui Gui complain to me, he is sitting behind infront of me, Rainie thought."Hi I'm Rainie Yang." Rainie introduce herself to Mike ask she sitting down."I'm Mike He.

They were trying to go incognito by wearing sunglasses and all black at the luggage carousel waiting for their bags.

They stood next to each other looking very relaxed and comfortable, with Prince seen searching through his bag to make sure he had his passport.

Gallegos Literature class."Well ok thanks Joe I'll see you in?? "It seem like he want to avoid me or get far away from me as much as possible." The bell rang right after Gui Gui finish her explanation."I'll see you in lunch, k?? Nice to meet you." Mike said with a hard voice sounded like he was trying to stay calm."Nice to meet you too." Rainie said, then none of them ever spoke after that.

When the bell ring Mike get out his seat, he do it to fast that look like he was jumping out of it. I'll go back to the dorm and clean the room." Gui Gui replied.

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