Pua online dating site openers

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Don’t listen to those pseudo-coaches or pseudo-dating experts throwing you all those pickup lines you’re supposed to use anywhere on any girl..Each of the lines I’m going to share with you below is to be used to open a girl in a specific environment, not everywhere.

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Therefore, you can talk to the girl in an easy and relaxed way, without pressure. No need to start the conversation with a high level of energy, as you would to approach a woman in a hurry on the street (it would even be weird).

That’s why it is crucial that the girl understands right away that you’re not a weirdo or a beggar who’s going to hassle her.

On the contrary, you are a normal guy who simply has the balls to approach girls he finds attractive.

You’re going to open the girl by speaking normally, in a relaxed way.

You’re also going to make sure that she doesn’t feel any social pressure.

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