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As a breast cancer survivor, Polo has become a fighting role model for many women, and works with different organizations that fight to find a cure to this disease.

Her commitment to the Hispanic community has also prompted her involvement with various topics of importance to her, including the fight for human rights and against discrimination.

She is the youngest child and has two brothers and an older sister.Her father, Augusto “Tuto” Navarro, worked as a Nicaragua’s Minister of Agriculture.Navarro and her family emigrated from Nicaragua to Honduras where they obtained a legal visa before entering the United States in 1980.On November of 2014 Ana Maria Polo was invited by the Human Rights Organization to participate on their Americans for Marriage Equality video campaign, the first one released with a Hispanic personality, both in Spanish and English.Before her formal start in television, Polo practiced her profession as a lawyer for more than 20 years in the city of Miami, where she tended to cases of divorce, adoptions, paternities, custodies, child support, alimonies, and domestic violence.

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