Polyamory married and dating episode guide

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Thinking about watching it together with my husband as it might be a good springboard for conversation but wondering if it is driven purely by drama.If you don’t recommend this, what would you recommend watching?I don’t know what the ratings were like, but I can only imagine that at least a reasonable number of people now know that polyamorous relationships exist thanks to the show.And unless it portrayed poly folks in a simply awful light, I think that any amount of increased awareness is a meaningful thing.The show glosses over the communication aspects of conflict and (per usual Showtime fare) amps up the sex appeal. Well, that's tricky because for all of what I find problematic with that show - it IS one of the first documentary style shows that addresses polyamory to any degree of depth.

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I think the best sources for learning about polyamory are books.But I still reserve the right to complain about it.Even the poly potluck on the show included pretty much only gorgeous people as far as I could tell; I wonder if there were more normal looking humans present who just didn’t get camera time, or if there’s just some superspecies of genetically superior polyfolk in California.If people have an agreement that includes that entitlement, cool. But your personal, specific agreement doesn’t make something a necessary ingredient of poly.Polyamory = “many loves,” not “many loves who necessarily must be permitted to hook up with each other.” Enact whatever rules work for your family, but don’t play the “my way of doing poly is the best” game. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I think the fact that the sex in the show is almost exclusively threesomes and foursomes and moresomes–and those who are seen having one-on-one sex are cast members who also frequently are shown participating in group sex–seems to fuel the misconception that this is what all poly folks are doing. But I would say that it’s equally common, if not more common, to be in relationships of the V (or N or W or some kind of zig-zagging line) variety, in which people have multiple partners but the sex still happens only between two individuals at a time.

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