Pocket planes events not updating

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By all means, offer some premium planes that you can buy with Plane Bux, but you should be able to progress with coins alone.One especially new feature in Pocket Planes is the heavy Twitter integration. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I'm not prone to bragging about how totally awesome my make-believe airport is to friends and family, so seeing the tweet button as often as you do can get irritating pretty quickly.Currently, I'm level 4, and I would be lucky to get 4 Plane Bux a day by catching high-end fares.The cost of full planes start at around 14 bux, which means I would have to play diligently for three to four days to get a single plane, which in and of itself is a long time for a casual game, plus I doubt it'll get any easier as I level up.Meticulous logs keep track of how much time your planes have spent in the air and how profitable they are.Plane Bux can be acquired over the course of leveling up, delivering special cargo to hotspots that change every couple of days, or by tapping bills that fly by your planes in mid-flight.

The download link of this app will be redirected to the official App Store site, thus the app is original and has not been modified in any way.

- Fixed load/unload button hit detection- Fixed layover delete button hit detection- Fixed graphical glitch on sleigh- Fixed crash when canceling a gift- Fixed disappearing clouds- Fixed null achievement popup- New game guide!

Tapping the info button in the top right of a screen will load the game guide to the appropriate section.- Tapping and holding a load or unload button on the Jobs Screen now auto-loads/unloads jobs with the same destination.- Pulling the list down on the Jobs Screen now gives you an option to refresh the current jobs.- Local (non Flight Crew) events now give a bux prize when completed.- City cap increased by two.- i Cloud sync can now be disabled in the device settings.- Plane cargo now automatically removed when hangared.- Minimum contribution to earn prize now shown on Flight Crew prize screen.- Costume unlocks now saved per-plane.- Improved special character stripping on Flight Crew names.- Improved game startup time.- Fixed bug where planes can be stuck without a trip and can't be accessed.- Fixed crash when viewing planes list with no active planes.- Fixed bug where plane upgrades and stats were lost when hangared.- Fixed multiple achievement bugs.- Fixed bug where some screens would stay loaded in background and steal input.- Fixed crash when editing plane name while landing.- Fixed spelling of Oceania.- Fixed bug allowing plane upgrades in-flight.- Fixed bug where bux or coins could go negative.- Vastly improved i Cloud support for playing across multiple devices - Added setting to disable syncing in game settings - Added button to reset Game Center awards in game settings - Fixed invisible menu hijacking touches - Zoom level on map now saved - Added category header to Flight Crew leaderboards - Many other small bug fixes Thanks for flying with Nimble Bit!

After loading up you pick your route simply by tapping each city on the world map in the order you want it to fly in, provided you've paid the one-time fee for a spot at each airport.

(One particular oddity of the map view: you use plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out, not a pinch gesture.) Once you lock in your flight path, you'll have cash deducted for fuel, and eventually get paid your fare when the plane lands.

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