Pennsylvania adult chatrooms

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The internet is a great place to learn, but it can also hold a host of dangers if used unwisely.

Since 1989, PCCD has focused its efforts on training new D. Computers and cellphones contain an almost unending amount of information that can be accessed by a key stroke.

This one-hour presentation provides information that will describe how identity theft occurs, how the identity thief uses your information, and how you can minimize the risk of becoming a victim.

Four hundred thousand people each year fall victim to identity theft and that number is on the rise.

Police patrol cars are available for children to tour.

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Over the past decade Pennsylvania and federal authorities have expanded their techniques for trapping people who take part in Internet sex crimes, especially those involving children. The following year the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police conducted its first training seminar. Officer Training began in Pennsylvania in the summer of 1988 when the Philadelphia Police Department conducted its first training class. Upon returning to Pittsburgh these officers were responsible for the implementation of this program in the city's public and non-public schools and became the first in the state. Officer Training Seminar that was conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department. Officers and implemented their program in the 1987-88 school year.

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