Painful memories of dating dave barry

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| Watch Video After one too many run-ins with the cops, street artist Eric Regier, also known as Hot Tea, traded in his spray paint for yarn, and now creates installations with a fabric that is colorful and enveloping.

"Sunday Morning" producer Sara Kugel checked out his latest immersive artwork on the Boardwalk of Asbury Park, N. | Watch Video Artist Iván Navarro's neon-decorated sculptures, fashioned after the water towers that dot urban landscapes, speak of a society chasing dreams of economic advancement, social mobility, and home.

For more info: | Watch Video Being ranked in the top 200 players in the world is great in just about any sport.

But in the world of tennis, an athlete ranked 197th is just barely scrimping by, living a nomadic life in second-rate hotels while competing in tournaments like the Little Rock Open Challenger.

Full episodes of "Sunday Morning" are now available to watch on demand on, and CBS All Access, including via Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV stick and Xbox. Tony Dokoupil talked with the entertainer, who has sold more than 100 million albums, and who is this year's Grammys Musi Cares Person of the Year for her charity work.

She's still at it 24/7, still writing her legacy one song at a time, without a thought for the "R" word.

"Sunday Morning" is also rebroadcast Sundays at p.m. He also talks about his distaste for his colorful nickname, "Mad Dog," and shows off his library of 7,000 books, to which he's added another – his own, titled "Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead." BOOK EXCERPT: MUSIC: Dolly Parton We've been singing along for decades with Dolly Parton, the poor girl from the Great Smoky Mountains who became the glitzy queen of country glamour.

She talks with Lesley Stahl about her call to arms in the face of a government shutdown earlier this year; about demands for safety in the air; and the prospects of America's labor movement in a climate where the rules often cater to the front office and Wall Street. James Mattis James Mattis served more than 40 years in the Marines, much of it commanding troops in battle. In this extensive two-part interview, he talks with David Martin about his years in Afghanistan and Iraq, following orders from the Bush administration that he characterized as incoherent, and serving as Secretary of Defense under President Trump.

But perhaps their most important finding: There is no link at all between dyslexia and intelligence.

For more info: HARTMAN: The view through Quinn's window (Video)Three-year-old Quinn Waters' natural immunity was temporarily wiped out after he got a stem cell transplant to treat his brain cancer.

As a precaution, he isn't allowed outside his Weymouth, Massachusetts house, and no one is allowed inside to visit.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Taylor Swift's thick skin Taylor Smith explains to correspondent Tracy Smith how she's evolved a means to deal with critics.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Taylor Swift on "Reputation"Taylor Swift talks about her 2017 album "Reputation," which touched on celebrity and the pressures of fame and media attention.

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