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Implicit in the service is that the field will be winnowed down to only high-quality candidates.Not only will your virtual dating assistant make sure you meet attractive women online, he or she will work to actually make you more attractive to others by tweaking and enhancing various features as time goes on.Although Tech Crunch editor Michael Arrington recently posted an April Fool’s joke about hiring a matchmaker to find him a wife, matchmaking services are becoming an alternate (and pricier) way to find a mate (think Millionaire Matchmaker).

The idea for the company came about when its founder, Mark Anderson, then a pharmaceutical sales executive, decided he was spending far too much of his free time sprucing up his online profiles, lining up dates and corresponding with countless women he never actually met.

Virtual Dating Assistants agents set up their online profiles on sites like and Plentyof

They then manage messages and correspond with potential dates.

Virtual Dating claims to be the first online service that uses “advanced internet dating techniques and strategies” to make perfect matches for its time-crunched clients.

With affluent men spending more hours in the office than ever before — and outsourcing all the rage — it seems only natural that outside help be recruited to handle social affairs.

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