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'I don't think I would have stuck it with me as long as she did. She had one husband for the first eight years we were married and a very, very different one for the rest'.

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He says he has only seen photographs of Archie (left) on the internet.

But writing in this newspaper, Mr Rees-Mogg, the Commons Leader describes such 'politicking' as 'unconstitutional'.

An exclusive Mail on Sunday poll also predicts Mr Johnson would win a majority of 28 seats in an Election - rising to 84 if Nigel Farage's Brexit Party stands aside.

A senior minister even suggested that the Speaker himself harboured ambitions to be the so-called 'unity Prime Minister' who would replace Mr Johnson and lead an anti-No Deal interim government.

And in an article for The Mail on Sunday, Natascha Engel - one of Mr Bercow's former Deputy Speakers - accuses him of being 'in open opposition to the people who voted to leave' and risking the very hard Brexit Remainers want to avoid.

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