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“I watched a girl do meth.” This crazy date is an extreme example of why driving with someone on a first date is a horrible idea.One of my friends had her first Tinder date at an outdoor movie in the park.Fetishes often come up among online daters because it’s an anonymous and sexually charged dating arena. My college roommate was texting with someone she met on Coffee Meets Bagel when the conversation turned sketchy. ” and pretty much the stuff someone asks if they’re planning to rob or murder you. The next day, he said, “I don’t mean to be weird, but I think I saw you getting your mail the other day.” It turns out he lived three doors down. Allison is a single New Yorker, which means she’s a pretty tough chick. When his beer arrived, he paid for it, downed it, and ended the date before it’d even really begun.One guy, however, took his foot fetish to incredibly inappropriate levels on his movie date with Naughtynurse99. The guy found out they lived in the same area of Fort Lauderdale, and he had a lot of follow-up questions about her exact location. However one extremely rude first date left her reeling and wondering what went wrong. That kind of ego-crushing, jaw-dropping douchery is what many people fear when online dating.Setting standards can help keep the crazies you meet to a minimum.

Most dating platforms let you block a user who’s bothering you, and some even require any entry fee for anyone seeking to send you a message.Even worse, he complained about being cold early on in the evening, so she lent him her jacket, which he wore for the rest of the night. She took her jacket back, dodged his goodbye kiss, and left him alone with the empty box of Cheez-Its.After my friend repeatedly hinted that she was cold, the guy wrapped himself like a straight jacket around her. One anonymous single woman shared a chilling story of a bad date with If you want to keep a dating horror story from happening to you, we have four tips to help you spot the potential land mines before they blow up in your face.Every dating site is bound to have a few bad apples.

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