Often intimidating

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The DC of this check is equal to 10 the target’s Hit Dice the target’s Wisdom modifier.Success: If you are successful, the target is shaken for one round.I was young and had no idea how to handle having an intimidating boss other than going to the bathroom to cry in a stall, and was at a loss over what I could do to improve the situation and my day-to-day duties.I didn't want to quit, but I didn't want to keep cowering in my cubicle, either.

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Try Again: You can’t attempt long-term coercion against the same target again for 1 week.

The target’s true attitude is hostile, and if the target believes it can take an action to hinder you that can’t be traced back to it, it’s likely to take such opportunities.

Creatures attempting to enlist its aid against you can often do so by convincing the target they are able to protect it from your wrath, using the normal Diplomacy rules.

The unchained rogue uses these rules extensively, but others can gain access to them with a new feat.

In this system, characters unlock additional abilities when they attain 5, 10, 15, and 20 ranks in a skill.

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