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At this time the ELL students may be putting together language and content concepts.Next the teacher instructs the students,"Now turn to the person next to you and tell them what you are thinking."The ELL student has an opportunity to offer his/her idea in a relatively comfortable setting — perhaps with grammatical errors — or to get more information from his/her partner.When I mentored student teachers I told them, "If I could offer one piece of advice for every teacher — it would be to do think-pair-shares in the class every day." The think-pair-share is a very simple, yet effective technique that allows ELL students time to process their thoughts — often in two languages — which takes more time.

As an ELL student, you are still searching your memory banks to translate the words "ancient" and "pyramids." You've finally got the meaning, now you are thinking about the possible answers — again searching your memory for what you've learned in class and read in the textbook.Everything ESL: Quick Tips This site has short, helpful tips for the educator in a hurry.It offers an overview of a variety of techniques to improve the ELL student's learning experience.For younger students the teacher may want to ask simple questions and make the discussion time much shorter.This activity is quite noisy and usually generates energy and laughter.

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