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Social and demographic characteristics of the aged, location of aged in the social structure, and current and future social problems of old age. (3H,3C) 3854: GLOBALIZATION: SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES Distinguishes global from international. (3H,3C) 4024 (RLCL 4024): SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION Religion as a social structure as well as an institution; with special attention to the functions of religion for individuals, groups and societies, social organization; and the interplay between religion and other social institutions including economics and polity. Students engage in projects defined by community groups and organizations as being critical to their well-being, continuity, or growth.

Focuses on key social movements such as the civil rights, women’s, peace and human rights, labor, and global justice movements. (3H,3C) 3304: COLLECTIVE ACTION How people organize to influence institutional arrangements in society. (3H,3C) 3464 (AHRM 3464) (APS 3464) (GEOG 3464) (HD 3464) (HUM 3464) (UAP 3464): APPALACHIAN COMMUNITIES The concept of community in Appalachia using an interdisciplinary approach and experiential learning. Also, the interaction of work and family life, including the allocation of household work and control of resources. (3H,3C) 4054 (APS 4034): APPALACHIAN LANGUAGES AND CULTURES An empirical examination of how Appalachian speech both reflects and constitutes regional cultures. We will explain conservative, neo-conservative, liberal, and progressive ideologies concerning race in past and recent United States contexts and how such theories emerged and continue to emerge in recent times. Explores major types of deviant behavior, such as corporate crimes, extremist groups, sexual deviance, violence, suicide, alcoholism and other drug addictions, and cyber deviance. (3H,3C) 2454 (AFST 2454): RACE AND RACISM Examines theories of race and racism specifically as they relate to African Americans. (3H,3C) 2604 (HIST 2604) (STS 2604): INTRODUCTION TO DATA IN SOCIAL CONTEXT Examines the use of data to identify, reveal, explain, and interpret patterns of human behavior, identity, ethics, diversity, and interactions. Class differences in behavior, values, and avenues and extent of social mobility. Examines how gender relations vary cross-culturally, historically, and for different categories of men and women. Representations of Asian Americans in the arts and media. Theories and empirical research findings on vertical and horizontal stratification in society. (3H,3C) 3014: GENDER RELATIONS Focus on the social construction of gender relations.

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