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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s attempt to diss Taylor Swift following her politically charged acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs 2019 inadvertently saw her mocking President Donald Trump.

During her speech, she stated, “I personally reject the President’s stance that his administration ‘supports equal treatment of all,’ but that the Equality Act, ‘in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental conscience rights.’” She added that the White Houses’ take “implies that there is something morally wrong with being anything other than heterosexual and cisgender.” ----- Wait wait!Have you subscribed to Group Chat, Pop's official reality tv podcast yet? Listen as the the Group Chat crew locks in Episode 2 talking about 'Bachelor' frontrunners, some serious 'Teen Mom 2', Javi drama, the VMAs and how amazing Missy Elliot is, and some awesome 'RHOBH' news!Don't miss an episode and join in on the conversation with #Group Chat.Conway’s jab against Swift comes after Swift's acceptance speech during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards in which the 29-year-old won Video of the Year for “You Need to Calm Down.” Swift then took a moment to criticize President Trump and the White House for not doing more to protect and promote equality.Appearing Wednesday morning on Fox News, Conway sang a small portion of “You Need to Calm Down.” Conway also pointed to Swift’s own history with voicing her political stance, specifically the 2018 Democratic Primary in Tennessee.

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