Mount st helens eruption false dating help updating safari

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For example, an age of 0.5 ± 1 million years is not considered either accurate or terribly useful, even though it is correct. First, it's still relevant to the debate because secular scientists still resort to these same arguments whenever their tests fail to accurately date rocks of known ages.My exchange with Talk Origins happened in October, 2006. But more than that, I recently came across a funny video that uses a perfect analogy to drive home these very points.

It does not mean that any arbitrarily old age will result.ash fell visibly as far eastward as the Great Plains of the Central United States, more than 930 miles away. Several lahars poured down the volcano into river valleys, ripping trees from their roots and destroying roads and bridges…” On May 18, when Mount St.Helens erupted with a catastrophic Lateral blast explosion estimated to be the equivalent to about 24 megatons (million tons) of TNT (note: Hiroshima’s unranium bomb was equal to about 15 kilotons of TNT; Nagasaki’s plutonium was about 21 kt TNT; Tsar Bomba – was powerful nuclear bomb detonated equaled 50,000 kt TNT or 50 megatons – 50 million tons of TNT), the top 1,300 feet of the mountain blew off sending tens of thousands of trees into the nearby Spirit Lake.A sonar scan of the bottom of the lake revealed about 19,500 upright trees on the bottom of the lake.Millions of logs were left floating over a 2’ mile area.

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