Misrepresentation in online dating profiles dating females usa

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They might put up pictures of them weighing twenty or thirty pounds less, or of them with more hair.

The problem with doing this, is that any woman you meet online will be expecting to meet the person she sees in those pictures — as he looks in those pictures.

It really has nothing to do with how you look, it’s simply the fact that you do not look as you portrayed yourself to look. When you meet a woman after having posted these non-current photos of you, her first thought about you is not going to be an evaluation of how you look, but rather it will be that you are someone who wasn’t honest about themselves. The way to start a date is not by defending yourself.

The way to start a date is with a woman being excited about getting to know you and and what you’re all about.

If you think about what is most important to women in a relationship, it’s trust.

They may look great, but I find women in my age range to be far more interesting. So, maybe it’s time you stopped chasing the dream and started to get real about who you are.

It’s time to stop worrying about whether women will date you at your age, and to start showing women why dating an older guy will be such a great experience.

There are so many men dating online who lie about their age, because they are perpetually chasing younger women. If you put on your profile that you’re 39 years old when you’re really 45, a woman will know you’re not 39 years old the minute you show up to that first date.

She’ll probably, in fact, ask you how old you really are.

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